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Jessie Armstrong

Jessie is an experienced leader and teacher who works with people of all ages. She has a Masters in Special Education and has spent twenty-five years developing and directing a non-profit children's outdoor adventure education program, Idaho BaseCamp (  She connects with her clients in a multitude of settings that include homes, schools, daycares, summer camps, business workplaces, sports settings and more. She understands the dynamics that create challenges and has the skills, education and experience to help people navigate through those obstacles. Jessie approaches each client with an open mind and skills specific to each situation. Jessie can relate to clients on both a professional and personal level.

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Consultant. Mentor. Coach.

Who Does Jessie Work With?



Jessie will come into your home to witness and fully understand the problem dynamics that are preventing you from functioning peacefully as a family. She has the ability to connect with each family member and make them feel comfortable.  She looks at the whole picture to help identify why you are struggling. She gives practical steps to help you move forward. She focuses on connection and skill building to improve everyday life in the home!


Parents and Families of a child experiencing a disability

Jessie has a unique background and experience in this arena! She holds a Masters in Special Education and worked as a Special Education Teacher in a classroom as well as consulting in family homes and community preschools. Jessie is also the parent of a neurodiverse child. She has navigated very challenging behavior, doctors, evaluations, diagnoses, therapies, special education and beyond. She can guide you on both a professional and personal level.


Children and Teens

Sometimes our kids need someone outside the family system to talk to, spend time with and learn from. Jessie has coached and mentored youth for over 20 years. She knows how to show up and listen without judgment. She uses nature as a platform for spending time together. She teaches kids how to believe in themselves, find gratitude in their daily lives, be vulnerable and make meaningful connections in their lives.



Being a mama is a tough job! Sometimes we need someone in our corner to tell us we are doing a good job, give sound advice and help us trust our instincts. Jessie will do all of that plus help you look at ways to maintain a healthy balance with yourself, home, relationships, etc.. She can offer everything from a listening ear to strategies that can help recalibrate your approach. She will mentor you to fully step into being a mama - which can be a challenging transition for many women.


Businesses, Teams, Staff Trainings

Jessie can work with your teams, staff or business to create an amazing group dynamic and culture. She runs leadership trainings that focus on personal responsibility and growth along with interpersonal skills needed to run a cohesive group of people. She will help you foster an environment your staff or team want to be a part of.  Jessie can also help you navigate challenging interpersonal dynamics that are common in any workplace or team dynamic. She is the person you want working with your team of people!



As we write our own stories and navigate life, having a mentor or a coach can make the journey less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Jessie can witness you on your path and provide support, guidance and friendship. She is able to sit with you in your most vulnerable times as well as celebrate your victories. Jessie is someone you will cherish and want by your side throughout any season of life.

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Kendall C.

We have sought parenting counsel with Jessie since our kids were toddlers, and her wisdom is invaluable. She brings years of education and teaching experience to the table, along with a curiosity and understanding of family dynamics and the forces that create them. She has helped us identify what isn’t working well for our children and ourselves, and has helped us take steps towards change. We have read so many parenting books, but we’ve found that having Jessie’s presence helps us understand the broader issues and move through the mental blocks that have prevented change in the past. Where books have left us wondering “yeah, but what about when our kid….”, Jessie has had actual answers and tools for each specific situation- both in how to manage it and how to prevent it from arising. Jessie has a unique ability to witness our obstacles with clarity and help us navigate through what previously felt impossible. If you feel frustrated and stuck, it’s time to consult with Jessie.

Tamara K.

There have been many situations over the last 5 years when I needed guidance to help me move through challenging seasons as a parent. Jessie has been such a trusted source— someone who truly listens and offers actionable steps on a path forward, that I am often unable to identify for myself. As a new mom, I felt anxious and unprepared. I immediately reached out to Jessie, who coached me through finding healthy ways to maintain balance in myself and my home, especially when I went back to work after maternity leave. As my kids got older, I have sought Jessie’s mentorship on many occasions. I often reach out to her when I am struggling to appropriately respond to my kids’ behaviors, and the dynamics those behaviors cause in our home. Jessie offers strategies and helps me recalibrate my approach, so that I can better connect with and correct my kids’ behavior without punishment or negativity. I am grateful for her knowledge and experience working with parents, as she has provided me with countless tools and valuable insight; I truly believe I’m a better, more patient mama because of Jessie. I highly recommend her services and have experienced firsthand what a positive impact her work can have on a family.

Brooke M.

Jessie has been in my life for over 10 years and I couldn’t be more grateful for the relationship we have shared. She started out as my volleyball coach, and then later became an important mentor. Jessie has been there for me in really great moments and really hard moments. I can count on her to show up for me and listen without judgement. She taught me to believe in myself, always telling me “You got this”. Jessie inspired me to love the outdoors, as our meetings would often be a nature destination. I learned how to be grateful, vulnerable, and more confident with Jessie’s help. 
Thank you so much Jessie, for all the ways you have guided me through life’s wonders and tribulations. 

Wendy W.

Of all the skills and assets that Jessie brings to her heartfelt work with people, the most important one is the special warmth of her personality. She has an advanced ability to engage with people, to engender their trust, and thereby be available to enter the intimate world of their families.

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